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Time Alpe d'Huez Disc Frame Set 2023
Time Alpe d'Huez Disc Frame Set 2023
Time Alpe d'Huez Disc Frame Set 2023
Time Alpe d'Huez Disc Frame Set 2023
Time Alpe d'Huez Disc Frame Set 2023
Time Alpe d'Huez Disc Frame Set 2023
Time Alpe d'Huez Disc Frame Set 2023

Time Alpe d'Huez Disc Frame Set 2023

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The newest model with internal cables. Read more..

4 - 6 Weeks
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Product description


Dyneema® fiber is 15x stronger than steel at the same weight, with a tensile strength up to 43 cN/dtex. Dyneema® fiber is so light that it floats on water and furthermore has a very high modulus (resistance against deformation).

Compared to other generic HMPE fibers, bio- based Dyneema® emits 29 tonnes less CO2 per metric ton of fiber produced. This is the equivalent CO2 released by charging 3.7 million smartphones, or the amount of CO2 absorbed by growing 480 tree seedlings for 10 years.

VectranTM is a high-performance multifilament yarn spun from liquid crystal polymer (LCP). VectranTM fiber exhibits exceptional strength and rigidity. Pound for pound, VectranTM fiber is five times stronger than steel and ten times stronger than aluminum.

The high abrasion resistance and flex fatigue life of VectranTM make it perfect for reinforcing structures like our fork steerer tubes and light- weight frames.


Braided Carbon Structure is the weaving of dry fibers into complex bi-directional ‘socks.’ These tubes of fiber are easy to tune with different materials – TIME currently choses from 16 filaments to perfectly tailor our layups. This process also allows something that is unheard of in the cycling world; continuous fibers that run the full length of a structure. With standard prepreg layup, fibers end where the sheets do, creating inherent weaknesses.

BCS is the way we’ve always made our prod- ucts and we’re the one of the only bike manu- facturers doing it.


Resin Transfer Moulding is the best way to minimize defects in the frame structure. By laying up dry fibers and then injecting resin at high pressure between rigid external AND in- ternal molds, air pockets and voids are elim- inated. Unlike the industry-standard prepreg layup and air bag moulding, RTM quality is uniform and consistent yielding a beautiful near-finished product. While the RTM process is ubiquitous in aerospace and high-end auto- motive applications, it’s almost unheard of in cycling and your TIME is unique.



A clean cockpit offers more than just great looks. Hidden cables are less likely to be damaged and give unhindered space at the bars for the accessories that make your ride great. The included DEDA S-DCR headset is compatible with standard stems and handlebars for semi-integrated setup or add a full DCR head- set cover/stem/bar available from DEDA to finish your TIME with fully-integrated cables and brake hoses.


With the included TIME Derailleur Mount Cover, your 1X setup will look as slick and finished as the rest of your bike. Full com- patibility with single and double–ring drivetrains doesn’t mean making a visual compromise.


With 20x the fatigue life of steel or alloy, we use forged carbon where others spec heavier aluminum parts. A 60% fiber content allows drilling and threading without cracking, processes that are much more challenging with prepreg construction.



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Time Alpe d'Huez Disc Frame Set 2023

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Review Time Time Alpe d'Huez Disc Frame Set 2023

The newest model with internal cables.

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