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Fox Fork Suspension 29 Boost Float 34 110 Kashima Black
Fox Fork Suspension 29 Boost Float 34 110 Kashima Black
Fox Fork Suspension 29 Boost Float 34 110 Kashima Black
Fox Fork Suspension 29 Boost Float 34 110 Kashima Black
Fox Fork Suspension 29 Boost Float 34 110 Kashima Black
Fox Fork Suspension 29 Boost Float 34 110 Kashima Black

Fox Fork Suspension 29 Boost Float 34 110 Kashima Black

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Product description

No logo! Matt black

Part number: 910-31-018

Description: 2022, 34, K, FLOAT SC, 29in, F-S, 110, FIT4, Remote-Adj, Psh-Lk, 3Pos, (10pm CP), Matte Blk, No Logo, Kabolt 110, BLK, 1.5 T, 44mm Rake, OE

The long-running favorite in a new design. For uncompromising XC use, the FOX 34 SC comes with superior features. The completely redesigned casting guarantees excellent stiffness values without additional weight. Innovations such as immersion tube ventilation and channels integrated into the immersion tubes to improve lubrication and the removal of compressed air in the casting complete the fresh cell treatment. The proven FIT4 dampers and the improved FLOAT EVOL technology provide even better response. Rigid 34mm anodized standpipes, exclusive SKF seals and the closed cartridge ensure a long service life.

Various tuning options ensure the best performance on the trail when set up correctly. And that is exactly where the problem lies: many hobby drivers are overwhelmed by this and do not fully utilize the potential of their chassis due to incorrect settings. The result: more frustration than fun while cycling.
To prevent such problems in the future, Fox has thought about it and developed the 3-Pos system.
This greatly simplifies the compression setting and the coordination of the suspension elements with each other, allowing for unparalleled performance and chassis harmony.

Factory says it all: full functionality, the best materials and developed to meet the high demands of the top riders on the world's trails and race tracks. All Factory Series products feature an original Kashima Coat coating for a buttery smooth ride.

The distinctive shape of the dip tube design is not just for looks. On the 34 Series Step-Cast (SC) chassis, FOX uses a narrower design in the lower fork section to save weight. The 34 SC fork still scores with excellent handling characteristics. The 34 mm long standpipes and generously overlapping bushings ensure precise execution of the steering impulses.

The current generation of the patented and encapsulated FIT4 (FOX Isolated Technology) cartridge system in the external version now offers three compression positions that can be adjusted while riding (open, medium, fixed) for optimal adaptation to terrain conditions. The Factory Series forks also feature a 22-click compression adjustment in open mode, allowing the rider to fine-tune the suspension response to their preferences.
The FIT4 cartridge damper has been redesigned from the award-winning HSC/LSC damper, so all forks now have a significantly more powerful damper. This year the FIT4 shock has received an updated tuning that provides more sensitivity yet firm support.

The FLOAT air suspension system reduces breakaway torque and thus provides a very sensitive fork and great comfort even with small impacts. And this for every type of driver and at different air pressures. Just like the FLOAT shock absorbers, the FLOAT suspension system is characterized by a positive and a negative air chamber, which automatically balance each other while driving. Every driver benefits from the benefits of the correct, precisely balanced air pressure in both air chambers. The spring characteristic curve can be adjusted with our air volume spacers - allowing any driver to fine-tune the air spring characteristics.

The adjustable negative air chamber allows the response of the fork to be changed. Either traction increases (and comfort at the same time) by reducing breakaway torque, or you get a significantly tighter setup, which is especially popular with cross-country riders. The change is carried out via the AIR SPRING SPACER, which is factory installed on the 100mm and optionally available for the 120mm version.

The FLOAT air spring of the FOX forks can be fine-tuned by using air spring spacers to make the response more sensitive or tighter. The volume of the negative air chamber is adjusted to the respective requirements.

When a fork is compressed, the air in the lower parts of the fork tubes is simultaneously compressed. The further the fork is compressed, the more the pressure increases. This effect means that the fork reacts harder and may not be able to use the full suspension travel.
The overflow channels help solve this problem by directing the compressed air from the lower part of the dip tubes upwards, reducing the unintended pressure increase. Another advantage of these channels is that the lubricating oil in the lower part of the dip tubes circulates upwards during the spring process and continuously lubricates the foam rings and sliding bushes.

The original Kashima Coat coating for e


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Fox Fork Suspension 29 Boost Float 34 110 Kashima Black

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